Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good BIZ Principle & Interest

Here's a FREE EP from Good BIZ, produced entirely by The ARE, who's racking up credits with a number of prominent Hip-Hop artists. This six-track EP is a great primer for what GDBZ is all about, from bringing true school flavor to today's Hip-Hop scene, as well as bringing in some dope themes and ideas to the forefront. Features include YZ, Cool Nutz, Illmaculate, Al One, DJ Wicked & DJ DMP. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Good BIZ Principle & Interest
[For the DJs, here is a radio-friendly version of Principle & Interest]

And don't forget, the debut Good BIZ album, Sound Investment, will be out Summer 2010!

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Funk Family Everything'll Befyne

If you know classic Jersey Hip-Hop, Bobbie Fine's first group, The Funk Family, should be in your Jersey Hip-Hop Trivia handbook. While they put out a few singles in their day, their Everything'll Befyne album was all but unavailable (unless you knew where to hunt). This album was produced by the mighty Tony D (RIP), and is now available for you on iTunes! Know your history!

Blaque Spurm Spurmicidal Tendencies

Any true fan of Good BIZ's own Bobbie Fine should be up on this underground classic from Blaque Spurm, who was originally signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings. In 2009, Ambidextrous Music and Good Biz Music re-released Spurmicidal Tendencies, which you can grab on iTunes today!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good Biz ft. Bun B "Ya'll Can't Ball"

Good Biz ft. Bun B - Ya'll Can't Ball: Here's another cut from Checks & Balances, the Good Biz EP that dropped on February 23rd. GDBZ linked up with the original Under Ground King, Bun B, to give you a lil' announcement: everyone else can just go ahead and cool out, let the real cats get their ballin' on, and just play the background. Anytime Bun B touches down, it's certified, and GDBZ more than holds their own with this vet. Enjoy!

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Checks & Balances EP

The Good Biz Checks & Balances EP is an official, exclusive snapshot of what you can expect from their debut album Sound Investment, slated for a late first quarter release. It features the critically-acclaimed GDBZ singles "Nowhere" & "Mr. Original", as well as the already underground classic "Ya'll Can't Ball", featuring Under Ground King Bun B. GDBZ also gets to showcase one of their newest talents on their Good Biz Music Co. label by the name of Saages on the club banger "One For The Money", topped off by an incredible Cali-fortified G-Mix of "Mr. Original". Enjoy!


"Nowhere" (feat. Brother J of X-Clan)
"Mr. Original" (ft. YZ) (Original Mix)
"Ya'll Can't Ball" (ft. Bun B of UGK)
"One For The Money" (Saages feat. GDBZ)
"Mr. Original" (G-Mix)

You can purchase Checks & Balances from the following digital outlets:

We thank you for your continued support! Sound Investment coming soon!

"Mr. Original" video

Grab the "Mr. Original" single on iTunes!